God’s Lonely Man

Ipad transp2016 marked the 40th anniversary of Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece Taxi Driver. It premiered in 1976 and it was the film that put Scorsese on the map for real when it won the Palme d’Or in Cannes.

In this e-book, we will take you through some of the many reasons why Taxi Driver is still every bit as haunting as it was when it first came out, and why Travis Bickle lingers in our minds and refuses to leave.

You will get brand new analyses of specific points and scenes upon revisiting the film 40 years after it came out, significant quotes from the film, and behind-the-scenes material and trivia.



I think I’m going to watch TAXI DRIVER again now and pay attention to all the things you have said about it.
To be honest, any time I read about a movie on your FACEBOOK posts, I feel like watching it again. I watched SHUTTER ISLAND and HUGO the last time you mentioned them, and I’m probably going to watch THE SHINING and CITIZEN KANE really soon.
But with this TAXI DRIVER E-BOOK, more than watching the movie, I think I’m going re-discover some of it as well, and that’s what makes your work wonderful.
Azad Bahadourian

This is a wonderful little book on Scorsese’s masterpiece. It takes a close look at the film from a contemporary perspective, and how we relate to it now, it clarifies why TAXI DRIVER’s characters survive in our minds, and how the film and its protagonist relate to other works by Scorsese.
It breaks its ideas into small chapters that are easy to understand and identify.
Annette and Eric get directly to the point, their writing is free from the excessive elaboration that plagues a lot of film books.
Any fan of this film or Scorsese will enjoy GOD’S LONELY MAN: TAXI DRIVER REVISITED, and for someone who’s just been exposed to this great work of cinema, this book can be quite an eye opener.
Ali Mandi

Authors Annette Wernblad and Eric Peeper have put together a 48 page e-book lauding the importance and relevance of Scorsese’s fascinating film with some terrific analysis of its themes intermixed with quotes, stills, and some striking graphics that make this revisit a wonderful pleasure to read.  —
The e-book points out many specific elements in the film that I have never noticed before (and this is someone who has viewed Taxi Driver more than a dozen times!).  I am also struck by how well produced and attractive this e-book is.  —
This e-book expertly shows why you need to see Taxi Driver, if you love movies.  You may have seen it long ago or have never tried it, Wernblad and Peeper make a very convincing argument for that revisit.  Don’t just take my word for it, discover for yourself and check out God’s Lonely Man: Taxi Driver Revisited.
Michael Brakemeyer – BRAKEintoFILM.com